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­­­­Thompson announces tenth annual safety slogan contest winners

Since 2012, Thompson Construction Group, Inc. has held an annual safety slogan contest open to all Thompson employees to find the upcoming year’s corporate safety slogan. The winning slogan is printed in English and Spanish on vinyl banners and hard hat stickers and displayed at each jobsite.

Slogans are judged on originality and creativity, and all slogans must reference the year (2022) in some way. Graphic ideas are encouraged, but not required to win the contest. Three winners are chosen and awarded points redeemable on the Thompson Safety Rewards website. Points can be used to redeem multiple awards up to the following dollar amounts: first place $1,000, second place $350, and third place $150. Winners are selected by Thompson’s senior leadership and safety staff.

This year’s safety slogan contest winners are first place Ryan Davis, senior project engineer for Thompson Turner Construction; second place Jason Broadway, mechanical general foreman for capital projects; and third place David Hyatt, commercial project engineer for Thompson Turner Construction. Congratulations to the winners and all who participated.

At Thompson, safety is the number one priority. The corporation’s mission is to ensure that each employee who steps onto a jobsite works safely and goes home free from injury each day. For 2021 reporting, Thompson’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR) was 0.59 and its Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) was 0.61, both well below the industry average.



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