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­­­­Thompson jobsite closes out 2021 with safety milestone

Thompson’s SI Group jobsite recently reached a safety milestone; one million work hours with no recordable injury. The SI Group chemical plant located in Orangeburg, SC is home to 65 Thompson employees. Thompson serves as a nested contractor providing maintenance, material handling, packaging services as well as civil and iron, and pool crew workers.

Milton “Lynn” Buck, the SI Group site manager, attributes reaching this safety milestone to his employees. “Thompson employees know what it takes to work safely while meeting the client’s expectations,” Buck says, “We pay attention to details and promote Thompson’s safety culture.” The SI Group site has previously completed five years without a recordable injury.

“This is a serious accomplishment for the chemical industry,” explains Jim Fowler, the safety manager at the SI Group. “Accomplishing safety milestones, like one million manhours without a recordable incident, is a direct result of the “safety culture” created by Thompson. When you focus on a team-oriented safety environment dependent on individuals working together; the emphasis on keeping each other safe greatly contributes to reaching significant safety milestones.”

Thompson’s mission is to ensure that each employee who steps onto a jobsite works safely and goes home free from injury each day. This latest safety milestone is proof that safety is the number one priority for Thompson.


Safety Milestone 2021


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