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We’re problem-solvers who understand how partnerships achieve optimum results. Together, we get the job done.

An Excellent, Reliable Partner

With a broad range of construction, manufacturing and maintenance expertise in the field, Thompson we will deliver the highest value to our customers. Our resume often provides a “been there, done that” or “lessons learned” perspective as we help clients navigate through challenges they encounter.

We put a premium on safety, delivering value and dependability. This commitment to unmatched customer service is demonstrated through listening to the voice of the customer and seeking ways to continually improve.

We concentrate on the details of the job at hand, while keeping an eye on the big picture and our partnership with you as being a contributing part of your business for the long term.

We have the diverse capabilities and talented team required to help you get your job done.

Serious About Safety

We employ full-time safety professionals. We hold daily safety meetings with Pre-Task Planning and we are committed to extensive supervisor & craft worker safety training. 2,300 audits per month and have an extensive employee Behavior Based Safety Program, Incentive Program, Personnel Rewards and Supervision Rewards for Safety.

We have a safety-first culture at Thompson Construction.

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Every Job is Important to Us

We understand what you need from us: safe work, performance, value, quality, and dependability.

The Bottom Line

We have built a reputation in the industrial market through years of consistently delivering quality services and value that customers expect.


Put our expertise and experience to work for you.

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